Graduate Research Assistant
Michigan State University
Bryce VanDeWalker Photograph
Team Member Bio

I am a Graduate Research Assistant on the project, currently working towards my PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education at Michigan State University.

What is your academic and teaching background?

I got my bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Calvin University with a major in integrated science. I was a middle school math and science teacher in West Michigan for three years. I also have experience as a summer camp counselor.

Why are you involved in the grant?

I believe that learning outdoors provides an incredible opportunity for students to connect with, and apply science in a more meaningful way. I am excited to help equip teachers to utilize the world outside of their classroom to teach powerful, and applicable science to their students.

Favorite urban plant or animal?

Where I grew up, I was surrounded by large and lazy squirrels. Watching them bumble around the neighborhood always made my heart happy.